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Wanderhand App – Soft Launching

Wanderhand Inc demonstrated in using the Wanderhand App during the event. They pointed out the apps both benefit the service provider and client in terms of convience. As part of the service provider they just need to register to be included in the list for service providers and they just need to wait for a client service request. For the client in just using the Wanderhand app he/she can schedule for services anytime.

EasyGrocery App Launching

“We currently live in a fast-paced lifestyle where convenience and time-savings are the public’s priority requirement in their day-to-day activities. It is from this reality that the idea by which EasyGrocery was conceptualized.”, said EasyGrocery’s President & CEO Eugene Leoncio.

(NES) Nissan Express Service – Launching

A car’s periodic maintenance service (PMS) is usually a half-day ordeal. You book your time with a dealership’s service center, then kill time for a few hours before it’s done. By the time you leave, you’re usually left wondering where all that time went.

(NPO) Nissan Parts Online – Launching

[PhilStar Global]
Need a Nissan part? Get it online
MANILA, Philippines – Nissan Philippines president Antonio Zara said that rediscovering Nissan was not solely about getting to know its new vehicle lineup but also being able to provide better and innovative customer service.