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Wanderhand App - Soft Launching

Wanderhand Inc demonstrated in using the Wanderhand App during the event. They pointed out the apps both benefit the service provider and client in terms of convience. As part of the service provider they just need to register to be included in the list for service providers and they just need to wait for a client service request. For the client in just using the Wanderhand app he/she can schedule for services anytime.

EasyGrocery App Launching

“We currently live in a fast-paced lifestyle where convenience and time-savings are the public’s priority requirement in their day-to-day activities. It is from this reality that the idea by which EasyGrocery was conceptualized.”, said EasyGrocery’s President & CEO Eugene Leoncio.

(NES) Nissan Express Service - Launching

A car's periodic maintenance service (PMS) is usually a half-day ordeal. You book your time with a dealership's service center, then kill time for a few hours before it's done. By the time you leave, you're usually left wondering where all that time went.

(NPO) Nissan Parts Online - Launching

[PhilStar Global] Need a Nissan part? Get it online MANILA, Philippines – Nissan Philippines president Antonio Zara said that rediscovering Nissan was not solely about getting to know its new vehicle lineup but also being able to provide better and innovative customer service.


  • Mobile App Development

    We develop mobile application both IOS and Android from ground to app. We used native codes to make sure that our product will get good quality and flexibility of updating. Learn more…

  • Website Development

    Our website developers are fully equipped with new technology. We always adopt new technologies both frontend and backend development process. Learn more…

  • Web Hosting Solutions

    We are more than 14 year in Web Hosting business and we always give our clients smooth transition since we have hosting package for FREE in every website development project. Learn more…

  • Social Media Management

    We believed that aside from having a mobile app and website online its should be visible to our target market. We offer Social Media Management by maintaining all your social media contents and ads.  Learn more…

  • Graphics Design

    We know that the very important part to start in every branding project both digital or traditional is the Graphics design. Learn more…

  • Domain Name Registration

    The other reason why our clients loves us is because we have everything they need. We called it one stop shop! Give use your website project we will setup a hosting within 24 hours with free domain name. Learn more…

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Jo Taylor

“I have that working with Team Bilinear Inc. is an absolute pleasure. No task is too great and they are always on-hand to make improvements to our corporate site. I would not hesitate in recommending Eugene & his team to other companies seeking a professional website solution.”

Jo TaylorMarketing Executive Oaks Property Services Limited. U.K.
Leah Casacop

Our new home as our corporate website designed and maintained by a very patient designer who allowed us to exhaust our creative juices just to give us a website that would satisfy our taste –

thanks Bilinear Inc.

Leah CasacopPresident & CEO
Kevin Matthews

“I am very impressed with the service we have just received on our first project. As a company based in the UK it was very important that we were able to outsource to someone we could trust and someone who could understand English to a very high level.

Bilinear Inc. was superb to deal with in every aspect. Also, the speed at which their works is incredible.

We are already placing another project with them and I would recommend their services to others without hesitation.”

Kevin MatthewsIncantation Media Limited. U.K.
Baby Revilla

“It has been nice opting to work with Mr. Eugene Leoncio & his team for the development of our website … We are commending his creativity and professionalism…

Good luck & thanks again.”

Baby RevillaGrand Country Tours and Travel